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The Catcher in the Rye Quotes

'The Catcher in the Rye' Quotes J.D. Salinger’s use of informal language in The Catcher in the Rye is part of the novel’s enduring popularity. But the writing style wasn’t chosen simply to make it accessible; Salinger mimics the patterns and rhythm of a story being told orally, giving readers the almost subliminal sense that they’re listening to Holden Caulfield instead of reading a book. The result is a powerful sense of the character despite his obvious unreliability and tendency to lie, and the ability to pull almost any quote from the novel and find plenty of meaning and symbolism. â€Å"‛Up home we wear a hat like that to shoot deer in, for Chrissake,’ he said. ‛That’s a deer shooting hat.Like hell it is.’ I took it off and looked at it. I sort of closed one eye, like I was taking aim at it. ‛This is a people shooting hat,’ I said. ‛I shoot people in this hat.’† Holden’s red hunting cap is ridiculous, and there is plenty of evidence that he’s aware of that fact, aware that walking around an urban setting wearing a bright red hunting cap is weird. On a surface level- surface because it’s the obvious reason for the cap that Holden himself admits to- the cap symbolizes Holden’s independent spirit, his determination to not be like everyone else. This quote demonstrates Holden’s own perception of the hat as a disruptive tool, a layer of protective armor that allows him to attack the people he meets, if only in his mind. Holden’s misanthropy grows steadily throughout the novel as people he admires disappoint him and those he despises confirm his suspicions, and the red hunting cap symbolizes his willingness to shoot those people, or attack them and insult them. â€Å"The trouble was, that kind of junk is sort of fascinating to watch, even if you don’t want it to be.† As Holden observes the perverts at the hotel, he feels conflicted. He admits to being fascinated, but he’s also clearly disapproving. His sense of helplessness is part of his emotional collapse- Holden doesn’t want to grow up, but his body is outside his control, which is terrifying to him. â€Å"The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move ... Nobody’d be different. The only thing that would be different would be you.† Unlike the ducks, which disturb Holden due to their regular disappearance, he finds comfort in the museum he takes Phoebe to, reveling in its static nature. No matter how long he stays away, the exhibits and the experience remain the same. This is comforting to Holden, who is terrified of change and who feels wholly unprepared to grow up and accept his mortality- and his responsibility. â€Å"The part that got me was, there was a lady sitting next to me that cried all through the goddam picture. The phonier it got, the more she cried. Youd have thought she did it because she was kindhearted as hell, but I was sitting right next to her, and she wasnt. She had this little kid with her that was bored as hell and had to go to the bathroom, but she wouldnt take him. She kept telling him to sit still and behave himself. She was about as kindhearted as a goddam wolf.† There are many quotes about the phonies that Holden meets and his low opinion of them, but this quote in the middle of the story expresses Holden’s true problem with it. It’s not so much that people put on airs and pretend to be something they’re not, it’s that they care about the wrong things. For Holden, what offends him here is that the woman is becoming emotional about the fake people on the screen while ignoring her unhappy child. To Holden, it should always be the other way around. This gets to the core of Holden’s war against time and maturity. As people get older, he sees them consistently ignoring what he thinks is important in favor of things he considers less so. He worries that by giving in and growing up he will forget Allie and start caring about fake things like the movies instead. â€Å"I walked all around the whole damn lake – I damn near fell in once, in fact – but I didnt see a single duck. I thought maybe if there were any around, they might be asleep or something near the edge of the water, near the grass and all. Thats how I nearly fell in. But I couldnt find any.† Holden’s obsession with death and mortality drives the entire story, as it’s heavily implied that his emotional troubles and difficulties in school began when his brother Allie died a few years before the story opens. Holden is terrified that nothing lasts, that everything- including himself- will die and disappear like his brother did. The ducks symbolize this fear, as they are a feature of his past, a fond memory that is suddenly gone, leaving no trace. At the same time, the ducks are also a sign of hope for Holden. They represent a comforting constant, because Holden knows that when the weather warms up again the ducks will return. This adds a faint note of hope that is amplified by the revelation at the end of the novel that Holden is telling his story from a place of safety and calm, implying that for Holden the ducks have finally returned. â€Å"Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobodys around- nobody big, I mean- except me. And Im standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff- I mean if theyre running and they dont look where theyre going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. Thats all Id do all day. Id just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know its crazy, but thats the only thing Id really like to be. I know its crazy.† This quote not only gives the novel its title, it explains Holden’s fundamental issue in a beautiful, poetic way. Holden sees maturity as inherently bad- growing up leads to corruption and phoniness, and finally death. Everything Holden has observed in his life has told him that his brother Allie and his sister Phoebe are perfect in their childhood innocence, but will become like all of Holden’s despised schoolmates, teachers, and other adults in due time. He wishes to stop that passage of time and freeze everyone at a more innocent point in their lives. Crucially, Holden sees himself as all alone in this endeavor- the only person willing to attempt this feat, or qualified to do so. The fact that the song Holden’s mis-remembers- Coming Through the Rye- is actually about people sneaking into the fields to have illicit sexual encounters makes Holden’s immaturity obvious. It’s also another example of something Holden believes to be pure and innocent being corrupted and ruined by adult sensibilities, even if he’s not aware of the fact in the story.

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Rhetoical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rhetoical analysis - Essay Example The author uses rhetorical techniques of logos, facts, and analogy, to effectively convince the readers, and make them aware of the limitations of the embryonic stem cells in human use. The author uses analogy as a strategy of making the readers relate to the issue she is addressing. In this case, Swenson has referred to The Emperor’s New Clothes, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which she knows is quite popular among the audience. This is about an emperor, who considered that his clothes were the best, compared to those of other people. He therefore, goes in public to display his new clothing, yet this was an imaginary instance in his mind. In reality, he had nothing on, and a child notices this and acknowledges it. Swenson uses this scenario to link with the case of the scientists working on the embryonic stem cell. He wants to make his audience to understand that, the whole embryonic stem cell project by scientists is in vain, imaginary, and likened to a fairy tale, just like the emperor’s imaginary valuable clothes. By using analogy, he compares the scientific project and the emperor’s incidence, as having similar outcomes, which is false hope. This ensures that this comparison remains memorable among the audience, thus making it easy for them to relate with (Swenson WEB). Secondly, the author uses evidence or support, to back her argument in the issue. This helps to make the audience consider the argument as having a solid ground. Swenson uses different forms of evidence to support her argument. For instance, she directs the audience to a website that will provide them with more information about the success of adult stem cells and cord blood treatments in treatment of many types of conditions. This supports her argument that only adult stem cell and cord blood treatment are successful in curing various conditions, and not the embryonic stem cell. She also revisits other incidences where embryonic stem cells failed to

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Business Management Tasks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Business Management Tasks - Essay Example This discussion highlights that  at the top of the structure is the CEO/President who oversees all the operations of the company he is at the top of the pyramid in decision making process. Company’s departments are categorized into either support or operations. Support include: human resources, finance, marketing, and property. Operation includes the other parts of the business.   At Pizza Hut every division plays a different function making it easier for the CEO to determine whether or not the divisions are performing as per required. This is a kind of structure that encourages specialization as each division consists of employees who have the required skills, experience, and character that are required for the function that the division serves.As the report stresses  the company is divided into departments each headed by a director. Every department has a specific function that is expected to perform a specific function the departments that are present in Pizza Hut are : marketing, human resource management, public relations, procurement, operations. This kind of organizational structure can be referred to as composite organizational structure because it is a blend of a hierarchical organizational structure and divisional organization structure. Despite the fact that the organization has various departments performing different functions there are divisions within the department with the leader of each subdivision reporting to the head of department.

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Development in the novel Essay Example for Free

Development in the novel Essay Great Expectations has been described as the story of a snobs progress. In the light of this comment, describe Pips development in the novel. Refer to the changes in the way he behaves and talks, the reactions of other characters in the novel and the reasons why he normally retains the readers sympathy.  In Great Expectations, Pips character goes through many changes. His morals and outlook on life are both greatly affected by his lifestyle, and his view of other characters is changed by his experiences and surroundings. At the beginning of Great Expectations, we see Pip as a very young child, living in fear of his sister, Mrs Joe Gargery. Joe is described in much the same way, which shows how he is childish at heart. We are told that Pip also sees this in chapter 2, when he tells us I always treated him as a larger species of child. Pip and Joe both live in fear of Mrs Joes regular Ram-pages, and her wax coated cane, Tickler. Although Pip and Joe obviously fear Tickler, Pip never really speaks of his fear in the book. It is seen more as a part of his life than a painful experience. For example, when Pip arrives home late after his encounter with Magwitch and learns of Mrs Joes Ram-page, he is told by Joe that Which is worse, shes got Tickler with her. Instead of showing fear, we are simply told that At this dismal intelligence, I twisted the only button on my waistcoat round and round, and looked in great depression at the fire Mrs Joes treatment of Pip is mimicked by Uncle Pumblechook, who seems to be fully supportive of her complaints against Pip mainly that he exists and that she has to look after him. At the start of the book, Pumblechook is very nasty to Pip, and is also fully supported by the Hubbles (at Christmas dinner) and Mr Wopsle. The main topic of conversation (apart from pork) is how ungrateful Pip is. This is brought up first by Pumblechook, who says be grateful, boy, to them which brought you up by hand.. This is then backed by Mrs Hubble, who adds Why is it that the young are never grateful?. This conversation continues for some time, which cause Pip to remain silent and sink into his chair. These two examples show that in the first section of the book, Pip is afraid of his surroundings. He keeps quiet and tries to stay away from company (except Joe) to avoid punishment. Joe is Pips only friend, and makes up for the absence of other children in his life. Pip is happy talking to Joe, unlike Mrs Joe and her circle of friends.  Pip meets two other main characters in the first part of the book, and they are Miss Havisham and Estella. These are two of the most important characters in Great Expectations, and Dickens develops their characters a lot. Upon Pips first meeting with Miss Havisham, he is afraid of her, but it is not the same kind of fear as he has for Mrs Joe. He fears Mrs Joe as he fears Tickler, and does not want to be punished. However, he is afraid of Miss Havisham because she is strange and twisted. Pip does not understand her, and does not know what she is capable of, or what she could do to him. He speaks of her as a ghost, and sees many disturbing sights inside Satis House, such as the infested wedding feast and the stopped clocks. Pip tells us of his terror at his first sight of Miss Havisham. She can see his fear, and asks him You are not afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born?. We are then told that I regret to state that I was not afraid of telling the enormous lie comprehended in the answer No. As the book progresses, Pip comes to realise that there is nothing to be afraid of in Miss Havisham. By the end of the book he is happy to confront, criticise and even insult her. Pip also misinterprets Estellas character. He falls in love with her the first time he sees her, even though he is only seven years old. This is obviously what Miss Havisham was trying to achieve, as she is continually quizzing Pip on his thoughts about Estella, and one of the first things she asks him is What do you think of her?. Pip, after some hesitation, replies that he thinks she is proud and rude but also pretty. Pip says little to Estella herself, but once he has left Satis House he is totally obsessed by Estella. This leads us onto a sudden change in Pips character.

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More than a Pastry :: Personal Narrative Essays

Danish is More than a Pastry Okay...this is one of the saddest things. I just spent 45 minutes typing this email and then the stupid mail system broke down and it was lost when I sent it! Aaaghh...the horror... The email was about my crazy, crazy day yesterday. What an adventure! But what happened, exactly? Well, I'll start from the very beginning! Here goes: I woke up to a beautiful day. Took my time preparing breakfast and enjoyed my good cup (well, cups) of coffee, as well as a bowl of oatmeal with sugar and raisins sprinkled on top, soaked 3/4s with milk. Delicious! I checked my email and started psyching myself up for the bike ride into Copenhagen. When 10:30 rolled around, I got my stuff together and headed out. I began my long, arduous journey from Roskilde to Copenhagen officially at 10:45. Rested from last night's good sleep, I could push myself and make it there in about an hour and a half. I was in no hurry first obligation for the afternoon was meeting Carolina concerning our IPO (initial public offering) project due next week. And my first class wasn't until 3:30. So I had plenty of time! I was spinning pretty well...staying in second gear mostly. Yeah, that is NOT a typo...second gear. It must be noted that this bike HAS only 3 gears. It's my host-mom's bike...3 gears, purple frame, and you pedal backwards to brake. Oh, and when it's dark out I use what you call a "dynamo". I push it down until it touches the front wheel's rim, start pedaling, and it creates electricity so the light turns on! So smart! (I just consulted with my host-brother, Michael, and have decided to name my bike "Lille Lilla" which is "Little Purple" in Danish. That's a nice name) Right, back to the Lilla and I are heading steadily east and I'm thinking "Gosh! This is amazing! I'm in Denmark...biking.....into school!" How cool is that? I'm in Europe and it's gorgeous here!" Sometimes I just get this overwhelming happy feeling; it's almost unreal I'm here. I'm about halfway to Copenhagen and I cross an intersection. When I cross, a car honks. Now, it's rare that cars honk in Denmark. You know, the Danes ARE very civilized people...and it's not necessarily honking at me, of course.

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Top 100 Hospital

What makes a top 100 Hospital http://www. resource4pharmacymalpractice. com/negligence. html http://www. ccohs. ca/oshanswers/legisl/msdss. html#_1_1 What makes a top 100 Hospital Toi Lynn Santamaria DeVry University HSM310 online Professor Tammy Cagle What makes a top 100 Hospital The Cleveland Clinic is in the top 20 of the top 100 Hospitals. Its official rank is 4th. The Cleveland Clinic is celebrating 90 years of excellent service. It opened its doors February 28th 1921. It was founded by four Doctors, Dr. George Crile, Dr. Frank Bunts. Dr. William Lower and Dr. John Phillips.Back in 1921 it was the first hospital of its kind, a not-for-profit group practice dedicated to patient care enhanced by research and education. (http://myclevelandclinic. org/90th-anniversary. aspx). The Hospital was built with all the latest equipment available at that time. The Cleveland Clinic quickly outgrew its building having more added in the years to come. The Cleveland Clinic has accomplished many medical first. The Worlds first cine-coronary angiography, the first published coronary artery bypass surgery, first successful larynx transplant and the first near total face transplant. (http://myclevelandclinic. rg/90th-anniversary. aspx). Tragedy was also a part of the past for the Cleveland Clinic. On May 15, 1929 over 120 people died from an explosion of x-ray film stored in the basement. One of the founders, John Phillips also died from the fumes . Frank Bunts had died suddenly years earlier. The hospital was in a state of ruin. But the two remaining founders Dr. Crile and Dr. Lower used their personal assets to rebuild the Cleveland clinic. Today it has over 37,000 employees, 16 health centers and 9 regional hospitals. 4 locations, one in Cleveland , Florida, Nevada and Canada with another opening in 2013 in Abu Dhabi.They are dedicated to their patients. They provide community outreach and wellness programs. They are a teaching hospital through the Lerner research institut e college. They have people from all over the world going to them for care. From the rich and famous to the ordinary person. They provide health and wellness podcasts and online health chats. I feel the Cleveland Clinic is one of the top 100 Hospitals for many reasons. For one it has stood the test of time being in service for 90 years. They have 16 specialties and 26 institutes. They are on the leading edge of technology and a leader in medical breakthroughs.They give back to their community. They are connected through an intricate system through the internet. Medical records can be seen online as well as appointments can be set up via the internet. They continue to do research to help fight diseases. They are a world leader in heart care. They attract the brightest minds to come work for them. They are not as interested in profits as they are in the quality of care they give to each patient. They also care for their employees from the Doctors to the janitors. It’s a great p lace to work built on an excellent reputation of care.Thousands of lives have been saved. They are one of the largest hospital in the world. They are ranked within the top 22 in 16 other specialties in the United States. If I had some illness be it heart disease or cancer I would love to be treated at this hospital. I believe I would have a better outcome and personal care that is out of this world. The four founders would be proud of what the Cleveland Clinic has grown to be. References The Cleveland Clinic website retrieved on November 20,2011 from http://my. clevelandclinic. org/90th-anniversary. aspx

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Social Determinism And Its Power Over People s Perception...

Often people find themselves captivated by the small, fabricated details in a story and that tends to make it difficult to decipher the actual meaning behind the story. In Tim O’Brien’s â€Å"How to Tell a True War Story,† this is the case as he demonstrates the influence of storytellers’ tone and the mood they create on people’s understanding of a moral in a story. By the same token, in Malcom Gladwell’s â€Å"Power of Context† and Karen Ho’s â€Å"Biographies of Hegemony,† the two authors explain the ideology of social determinism and its power over people’s perception of the truth. The power of inducements play a big role in the way people are able to understand reality. The complexity of the truth can often alter the way people perceive things because there are so many different meanings that people interpret from the context of stories and situations. There are certain qualities of context such as inducing wo rds and a plethora of meanings that obscure the true actualities, making truth very complicated. People often undermine the influence of words on people’s perceptions of the environment. When Gladwell describes the prison experiment in which people assumed the role of prisoners and guards, he mentions how the patients were told who they are and what role they had to undertake. He tells how one of the prisoners began to assume their role to the point where they felt like that was truly who they were. One of the prisoners mentions, â€Å"I was 416. I was really my number and 416 wasShow MoreRelatedEpistemology And The Pursuit Of Knowledge Essay1356 Words   |  6 Pagesaccomplished by examining the social character of knowledge and how an individual s reality is shaped via testimony. Testimony, a declaration or proposition which an individual claims to be true and fact, is key to social epistemology. With certainty, some individuals claims, beliefs, and opinions are converging, whereas others are diverging. There are differences between subjective reality, influenced by the aforementioned factors of influence from objective truths that exist and can be knownRead MoreBuddhism, The Practical, Theatrical, And Its Social Aspects Of Buddhism1224 Words   |  5 PagesThere are three main ideas behind any religion, the practical, theatrical, and its social aspects. Practitioners of Buddhism practice in many varying ways based off their geographical and social conditions.The real practice of any Buddhist is to concern themselves with their spiritual attitude that affects themselves and their community. Meditation is used to refocus the mind to develop a greater mental state. Buddhism can be defined as:the path, and livelihood to practice the spiritual developmentRead More The Free Will Debate Essay2989 Words   |  12 Pageswill refers to an individual’s ability to choose his or her route of action. However, animals also appear to suit this measure, further adding to the debate because free will is typically thought to only be possessed by human beings (Broad 1990). Over the years, there has been an extended running controversial debate as to whether free will truly needs an agent to encompass a definite ability of will, or whether the term â€Å"free will† is simply a term used to describe other features that individualsRead MoreEssay about Gay donor or gay dad3350 Words   |  14 Pagesï » ¿ Do we have free will or our live determined? too many people It’s obvious that we are free. many people are convinced their actions are their own good or bad and even if we feel pressured into a decision we still feel we could have chosen a different path. we can choose coffee over tea ,accept a marriage proposal take a job across country ,how important is this feeling of freedom do we have alternativesRead MoreAlternative media as an alternative to mainstream media† Explain and evaluate making use of appropriate examples.2543 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿Student Number: N0359348 Name:HAOYI WU Alternative media as an alternative to mainstream media† Explain and evaluate making use of appropriate examples. People generally see everyday involve mainstream media. It disseminated the largest distribution channel. Such as: broadcast in an evening or the prime time newscast in television; tabloids, the variety of magazines; news portals. Therefore the mainstream media represents the majority of media consumers are preferredRead MoreUnderstanding Organisations Essay3612 Words   |  15 PagesSHAUN VICTOR PICKERING | | Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 2 PART 1 - Modernist Analysis 3 1.1 Environment 4 1.2 Social Structure 6 1.3 Technology 8 1.4 Culture 9 PART 2 - Symbolic Interpretive Critique 11 2.1 Environment 11 2.2 Social Structure 12 2.3 Technology 13 2.4 Culture 14 PART 3 - Postmodern Critique 15 3.1 Environment 16 3.2 Social Structure 17 3.3 Technology 18 3.4 Culture 19 CONCLUSION 20 REFERENCES 21 INTRODUCTION Ford Australia is one ofRead More7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Book Review)4230 Words   |  17 PagesHabit 1: Be Proactive According to Stephen Covey, the unique trait that we, people, are separated from animals is the ability to think about our very thought process or what we call, â€Å"self-awareness†. In the social mirror, it was stated that seeing our own selves is like facing the crazy mirror room in the carnival. Our reactions are based on the opinions, perceptions, and the paradigm of others about us. But self-awareness enables us to stand apart and examine even the way we â€Å"see† ourselvesRead MoreEssay on Analysis of George Orwells 19844218 Words   |  17 Pagesreligion, and the social class system. 1984 is more than a work of fiction. It is a prediction and a warning, clothed in the guise of science fiction, not so much about what could happen as it is about the implications of what has already happened. Rather than simply discoursing his views on the social and political issues of his day, Orwell chose to narrate them into a work of fiction which is timeless in interpreta tion. This is the reason that 1984 remains a relevant work of social and philosophicalRead MoreDescartes And The Mind Body Dualism2479 Words   |  10 Pagesclosely related to the philosophy of Rene Descartes. Descartes identified the mind with consciousness and self-awareness and distinguished this from the brain. He believed that the brain was the seat of all intelligence. This lead to a great debate over the mind and body. So, ultimately, what is the nature of the mind and consciousness and its relationship to the body? Descartes’ Meditation 6 explains the distinction between the mind and body. He explains that he is confused as to why his mind isRead MoreSocial Movements And Collective Action Essay8585 Words   |  35 Pagesregarding social movements and collective action are precisely significant and valuable. They allow us to describe and explain such movements- how they form and organize, their agendas, the extent to which mobilization or counter-mobilization process succeeds or fails in different situations, and how they evaluate strategies and policies in the light of specific outcomes. Self-evidently, the terms and perceptions and the dialogue that we bring to bear must be in coherence with the particular social movement